Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For some reason in these past couple weeks I have been getting this really nervous feeling. Like the butterflies right before you perform a song in front of hundreds of people. I am maybe just dreading moving to Salt Lake which will probably happen but we aren't sure again. No matter how hard I cry my mom and Dad won't budge. I think this nervous feeling is about 75% of my feelings right now.

I am also 25% excited. I think this is just because my birthday is in 12 DAYS!!!!
So that could have a little to do with excitement. NBD. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forever Sisters

I love my sisters. I'm so happy that I get to share a room with Alli and Katy just lives down the hall. We get closer and closer everyday. It makes me sad because Katy should be gone in a couple of months and Alli will be going to college in the fall. So I will be alone with the parents. I guess thats gaurenteed when you're the youngest. I have had so many great memories with them, playing games when we were little, the hotel room in Washington D.C., and much, much more! I can't even put into words how much I love them and don't really know what to write because theres so much to! I have some pictures below of us. I could only put the ones that are on the computer so its very limited. Hopefully it will explain some love though.

Pumpkin carving awhile ago.
Christmas awhile ago
Photo shoot two months ago
Choir concert last year

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute little Birthday Bumble Bee!!

My niece Claire was born on October 31st, Halloween two years ago. I know. She's awesome. Anyway, considering halloween was sunday, so was her birthday!! They went trunk or treating Saturday and then we just celebrated her birthday on Sunday so it was ALL about her! I can't beleive she is two! I still have the post of when she was born and I can't believe she is so big! But now she knows my name and says sentences so she gets cuter and cuter everyday.

Cute little BumbleBee
Working Kevin for girl.
Where should I go!?

On Sunday they had a few friends over for presents and cake. She had her little party and I think she understood it was HER day but who knows? Party Pictures! No Way!!
This bathtub Ariel my mom got her stole the show. She didn't care about anything else for a long, long time. She kept saying, "Her hair is bootiful!"
I got her a unicorn pillow pet and my Dad was trying to show her what it was. To do this he had to take it away from her so he got the stink eye.
Birthday Cake!
Blowing out her candles.
I had to get a face shot. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh hey there Fairy Princess

For halloween this year I was a totally lame totally thrown together in 10 minutes fairy princess. It didn't turn out as bad as I thought and I thought I looked pretty cute.....for a 13 year old fairy princess that is! So this post will mostly be pictures cause theres nothing really to say! But it should be interesting.... I made my momma do a photoshoot :) Love.

I thought this was a good pic to end on. Ciao! (or whatever....not sure how to spell that!)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Yes, Its an intense pumpkin carving contest :)

No, I did not abandon you yet again my sweet little blog. I was just busy making you a Halloween post! K well last week for family home evening my family did pumpkin carving. To most families pumpkin carving is a harmless little fun family get together. Yes, it is still a fun family get together for us, but it is also a very important INTENSE contest. I have won every year even when I stopped carving with my daddy. Oh, no need to praise me :) just kidding. This year there were two new competitors.... Grandma T and Mr. Brooklynn. Brooklynn wasn't in the contest though because he had to leave before he could finish so he finished the next day. Anyway, we had a great time and always look forward to it!

Brooklynn's pumpkin
Grandma's Ghost

Alli's volleyball (VSIS stands for Volleyball sisters in spandex. Its a very big deal (: )

My Hello Kitty (SECOND PLACE BABY!!!)

Dad's pumpkin

Katy's american flag that got first place (But only one point in front of me! Jk I'm not that stuck up)

Mr. Pumpkin

Its a traditional picture. Only a Tatom could fully understand :)

Katy and Dad

Yet another Traditional pic. Its called Revenge :P


My Hello Kitty Stencil

Katy the Lady

Signature pose...... Thumbs up!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Its funny how much I have become obessessed with Justin Bieber. :) Maybe some of you have noticed considering half of my playlist is full of his songs. I just think he has an amazing voice and picks AWESOME songs. One sad thing is the playlist thingy doesn't have his Speaking in Tongues by Shawty Mane (his rapping name) on it yet! I am just waiting.... UNTIL I CAN UPLOAD IT!! OH and hes pretty cute too! :) In fact I am wearing his silly bands at this exact moment. My mommy was nice enought to surprise me by bringing them back when she went to L.A. last weekend with Margo.


How I love my best friend Alexis..... So we are taking interims in English, Science, and Math this week. They are horrible. Why they give us more tests that aren't for a grade I have no idea! Anyway, today Lex fell asleep during the math interim. Yes she was still writing and just kinda went slower and slower. Then she kinda just passed out for awhile. I thought she was done and resting her head but she was totally out. hahaha!!! She cracks me up.

You know, its moments like these that are worth blogging about. Even if they aren't funny to you..... they are kind of like "you had to be there!" kind of stories. And hey! Its my journal right? :)