Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a St. George Christmas!

Ahh the things you can do with a camera and ice cream.

I got floam for Christmas and on the ride home I got bored and decided to make a mask. I found out later that it was a bad idea when I spent 10 minutes picking it out of my hair.
Hamburger anyone?
Alli opening her luckys.
Katy opening her new purse.
Me opening the book I got.
Steve looking through his stalking.
Alli looking through her stalking.
Katy and me looking through our stalkings.
Alli and me on Christmas Eve.
It is a tradition to have the girls wear matching pjs. Our funny picture is always them holding me. We'll see how that works out when we're in our twenty's and thirty's!
Nice looking pj's picture.
My dad on the way to St. George. We were at a stoplight.
Alli opened the door when we were driving. Luckily my mom caught the moment. My dad kept pushing her and she would scream every time! We finally got it closed later on.
St. George Christmas tree.
Las Vegas Christmas Tree.