Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mom's New Car!!!

My mom just got a fabulous new car that she totally deserves!It is her birhtday Friday and she got it early. It is a 08' Highlander from Toyota. When I asked my dad if we could go to get mom a present yesterday he said sure and we went out. My dad told me we were going to buy her a car. I got super excited when I saw It. The car has three rows of seats and you can put the third one down. There is more to come! I got her a cover for the windsheild when it gets hot in the summer.
The car

Inside front seat
Front seat veiw from back.
DvD player with headphones. We have never had a car with a GPS, sunroof, DvD and rear camera.
2nd and 3rd row.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kevin and Rachel's Wedding

I was just looking at some photos and came across Kevin and Rachel's wedding. I decided to share it with you. I love them so much and their wedding will always be in my memory. Mostly because it took forever to drive up there. We had to drive because our flight was canceled because of the blizzard. Their wedding was a longtime ago. Anyways Enjoy!

Right after getting married.

I love this picture.
They got completely pelted. I remember Kevin got some rice stuck in his eye. It was a little red.
The rings!
You gotta love the chocolate fountain!
Feeding eachother cake
I was sitting there and the photographer told me to sit still...that is a perfect picture position! Her exact words... I still remember that.
Me, Katy, Angela (Rachel's sister), Alli
Me chowin down.( I didn't even know she took that picture until now)
Cute picture!
My weird brothers!
Kevin and all of the brothers and sisters.( Kevin, Katy, Stephen,Alli,Me)
Stephen, Kevin, and Todd ( Rachel's brother) holding Rachel.
One of the first pictures at the reception.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Hair Cut!!!

From the side!
From the back!!
I love it!!!! I just got a new hair cut today and absolutley love it!! Thank you soooooo much Katy (not my sister) for doing exactly what I wanted!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is when I got really bored and started taking pictures...this is the not so good one. Ok so don't cheat just whatever picture it is post it!

I don't get tagged, I just find tags and do them so thats what you can do. Here are the rules: Go to your pictures on your computer and go to the fourth folder and post the fourth picture in it...explain.....go!


Hey I thought since no one is commenting on the questions I should answer the three I got..here goes.

Tatom (Allie): I talk in my sleep because you snore. I refuse to answer the second question because it is not true. You are the tightest sister because you will take me anywhere when you get your drivers license. ; )

Tatom (Mom): I like them both because cats are cuddly and dogs are playful. I like a lot of books and can't remember my favorite because it was a long time ago. My favorite game is (right now) CLUE! I love Young Women's a whole lot better than primary. I miss the occasional games though...

Allie Lauren: I would be Tatlor Swift because she is cute and has an amazing voice! Yes, although the sleepover was 2 weekends ago!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Everyone in the world has questions on their mind every second of every day. If you do have a question it could be "Is mom going to make me redo the bathroom after I already did it for the 3rd time?" or " When is the reunion?"(for all those reeses) or even " Did I leave anything at work that might be important? Well I was just thinking about that it made me start thinking that I should make a post on it. I am not going to just end with that though. If you have any questions about me or my family ask it in a comment. Really do it I want to know how many questions people can come up with! If it is more than one that is fine I really want to know! Do as many as you want! I will answer them in the next post after I think that is all of them. If more show up after the post then I will make another one. OK GO!!