Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break Part 1: The Vacation

Friday: Leave for San Francisco, The Redwoods, and Sacramento!!!

Saturday: We were in San Francisco on Saturday. When we first arrived we went straight over to the University to watch the Girls' BYU Volleyball Team were playing. We watched them for a game and then went to see all the stuff on the Port. These picture are just houses and buildings on the corner that I like!!!!

Sunday: Sunday we went to the redwoods. It was so much fun to walk around and see these ginormous trees everywhere. Alli and I kept saying," We are in Twilight." because it seriously looked like that. It was so weird because there was this little town somewhere around the redwoods and there was a high school named South Forks High. We had a lot of fun. For dinner we stopped at this little Italian restaurant and Alli was reading her menu. All of a sudden she was burning the corner of the menu! There was a little candle and it burn't the corner of the menu through the lamination! It was so funny!!

This tree got struck by lightning in 1914 and it burn't through the middle. It is still alive even with the middle gone and a door was built into it.

Alli and I in the tree.

We carved Tatoms on this tree with all these other names.
Our car driving through the trunk of a tree.
These were carved out of real trees.
Alli and a carved bear.
Me and a carved bear.
We climbed the tiny part of a tree for a picture.
My dad climbed the roots of a tree. They were huge!! I don't know how but the video got stuck at the bottom so go down there if you want to watch it.
The investigating dock.
Alli, me, and mom.
me and dad.
Me in a part of a tree.
At the mystery trees there was a Paul Bunyan and the Big Blue Ox.

Alli at the beach.
Mom at the beach.
Me at the beach.
Alli and I on a sand pile.

Monday: We finally got to Sacramento on Monday. When we arrived we dropped Alli at the Gordons. Then we headed over to Aunt Jody's and Uncle Dave's. We talked to them for awhile and then headed over to Marcy's. I honestly loved seeing Marcy, Aaron, Courtney, and Megan. Courtney and Megan are oh so cute I love talking and playing with them. They aren't afraid to talk. They have such good manners and are adorable. I love how easily you can make Megan smile. I love every one of them. After that we went to Penny's house and learned about food storage. We then headed over to Christy's. I didn't get to see the kids much but I got to talk to Chrsty. I love every one of them also. I then headed over to see Maddi. I immediately hugged her. She immediately told me," Your a Giant!!" I spent the night that night and Tuesday night.

Tuesday: I went to my Grandmas and visited my cousin Steph. I watched her take pictures of Alli. Before we went to Steph's we went to Tony Ballonie's. My dad had been going there since he was a kid and it is his all time favorite reataurant.

Wednesday: Wednesday was my favorite day in Sacramento. Beverley made a scavenger hunt at the mall for us. It was soooo much fun. There were two teams of three. One team had Maddi, Reagan, and me. The other team had Shelby, Haley, and Avory. I had a great time. Lets Begin!

1. Claires

Go in there and find the biggest pair of earrings and take a picture of them.
2. Carousel

Take a ride and have someone take a picture of all three of you on the carousel.
3. Sears

Find the riding lawn mowers and take a picture of one of you on it.

Bonus: Take a picture of someone on the treadmill.

4. Macy's

One person find the ugliest pair of shoes.

One person find the cutest pair of sandals.

One person find the most awesome pair of flip flops.

5. Penneys

Find the largest suitcase and take a picture of someone inside it.
6. Coach

Find the cheapest purse and take a picture of the purse and pricetag.
We didn't get a picture but we got a catalog. The purse was on Maddi's arm and she forgot she had it on her arm and wore it out of the store. Around the corner she realized it was on her arm. She screamed as she ran all the way back to coach. I was surprised their wasn't an alarm.
7. Disney Store
Get a picture of four princesses' on a nightgown or pajamas.

8. Lego

Go into lego and ask them for a free farm sticker and if possible make something out of legos and take a picture. You had to buy the whole farm set for the sticker so we just made a pool.
9. Sleep number

Go in and ask if one of you could find out your sleep number.
Maddi's number was 50.
10. Pac Sun

Picture of all three of you in a hat with sunglasses and a scarf.

11. F.Y.E.
Find the movie "Sound of Music" and take a picture of the cover.
Thursday: We sadly left Sacramento at 11:00 a.m. We stopped at the outlets to look for a dress for me, but failed. Right next door there was a chocolate store so we decided to stop and get some caramel apples. Four hours away from Vegas my mom spotted a farm. We now have a whole shelf full of strawberries. We then arrived in Las Vegas at 10:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Beginning- End of Spring Break.

I just got back from a super long trip home from Sacramento California. I am exhausted. I don't think I would have survived if my mom didn't have her new car with the DVD player. It is the beginning of Spring Break in Las Vegas....although it is the end of Spring break because it is already late Thursday night. I had a fabulous, yet tiring, time in Sacramento. I will post all about the trip tomorrow. I just wanted to get a post about something. Some people may not like blogging, but I love it. You feel weird if you you don't have anything to post about or are out of town and can't. Well I am heading to bed.( I already unpacked everything!! Yes!!!!) GOODNIGHT!!!!