Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tagged Twice

This is Claire on Thanksgiving day. She looks like shes ready to punch you.

Go to you pictures pick the 9th folder and 3rd picture. Then explain. Do it if you want!

Allie challenged me to do this so here we go. I have to write 20 facts about myself.

1. My favorite song is dancing in the moonlight. It is also my moms favorite and Katy's favorite.

2.I want to be a photographer when I grow up.

3.I am 5'7"

4.I peeled a huge hole of paint off my wall when I was bored one night and couldn't fall asleep. So now I have to repaint it.

5. My middle name is Janine

6.I start school this Monday.

7. I have a neice named Claire

8. There are 5 kids in my family

9.The #1 song on my playlist is Dancing in the moonlight(of course)

10. I love to go tubing on a boat!

11.My nickname is Moose!

12.Right now I am reading the book "Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy" by Ally Carter

13. I am 12 years old but can't wait until I am 13

14. My best friends name is Allie

15. I like crime and competing shows like NCIS, Burn Notice, America's got talent, and So you Think You Can Dance.

16. I'm a movieholic

17. I have two dogs(Chance and Maggie) and a cat(Houdini).

18.My favorite color is purple

19. My favorite food in the entire world is California rolls.

20. My favorite ice-cream is mint chocolate chip.

Allie you better be happy now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bored enough to embarass myself

Well I was putting on face strips and decided to take pictures and right now I am so bored I decided to put these on. So I am taking a huge risk!
Katy and I with nose strips.
chin and forhead
hahahahahaha pretty embarassing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Volleyball Camp with Jess!

Last week I went to volleyball Camp at BYU and I stayed in a dorm with Jessica. She is one of my best friends and it was fun to hang out with her.
Haley and Sadie
My awesome councelor Kendra......she was sooooo much fun!
Allie's best friends in college Lauren and Chelsea.
My coaches Lauren and they look familiar? yes! That is the same Lauren and Chelsea. But since I knew them it was fun. We had to have a team name and decided on the tie dye fries. I just thought I would say that because we were talking about coaches.
Gretchen making a weird face.
Thoses were the girls in my dorm group. They weren't on my team but I saw them every night.
It was free time and we decided to go into the lounge and play card games. They decided to do a conga line.
more conga line.
me after getting out of the shower
another picture out of the shower
and another picture out of the shower
my closet
Jessies closet
the door of the dorm
my bed
Jessie's bed

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Girls Camp!

Girls camp was at the end of june and very fun! I was the only first year in my ward but luckily my best friend Allie was a first year and I did all the activities with her.So I only took like no pictures but here are some that did make the cut.

Allie and I
Shes gonna kill me for this one

Allie on the horse
Callie, Dana, Allie, and Kacey on the horses......I wasn't feeling good so I didn't go. :(
Syd and Sky
Dad! sorry its blurry but in the other one his eyes were closed!

Wax Museum!

Our friend Pamela came into town and she wanted to go to the wax was my first time so I was excited. It was really fun and Alli and I got some really good pictures.
"The rock"
Tim that how you spell his last name?
Simon Cowell
Stevie Wonder
Alli learned how short Madonna is!
I am way taller than her because she was wearing like 3" heels!
Michael Jackson
Blue man!
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Elvis Presley
Blue man!