Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My poor little blog.......!!

I know I have left my blog all alone since november.....and I am really sorry!! Considering this blog used to be like my life........this sounds cheesy but I want it back! haha Well A LOT!! has changed since november! 1:I wear make up now! haha 2: I have so many new friends that have become best friends 3: I have become addicted to shows on HGTV (the channel where you buy houses and sell houses and junk). 4: I have probably grown like 4 inches since then since I am now 5 10 (that tatom height is starting to come at me)! 5: I turned thirteen! haha Little late but I will put pictures! 6: My neice Claire has gotten so cute and hyper and adorable! (not that she wasn't like that before of course)! haha 7: I have become an excellent and obsessed baker and cook! 8: Plenty more has happened it is just hard to think of it on the spot! haha


Yes I have finally turned thirteen........practically four months ago! It was a great birthday though! I had been really really sick with the flu for two whole weeks! I couldn't go to school and the only time I would get up was to go to the bathroom! It was horrible (not to mention all of the make up work I had)! The saturday day before my birthday, however, I had like a miraculous recovery! I felt so much better! Kevin, Stephen, Rachel, and Claire also came down to celebrate and it was great!

Alli, Claire, and I! (Claire looks alot different now! As do I!)

My best friend Allie decorated my room while I was at church!!

Alli and I on my birthday!

I got a phone for my birthday!

The night ended with red velvet cupcakes! YUM! They were so good!!

I just had to show something so I decided on my birthday! Hopefully I will have another post by the time of even a month going by!