Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute little Birthday Bumble Bee!!

My niece Claire was born on October 31st, Halloween two years ago. I know. She's awesome. Anyway, considering halloween was sunday, so was her birthday!! They went trunk or treating Saturday and then we just celebrated her birthday on Sunday so it was ALL about her! I can't beleive she is two! I still have the post of when she was born and I can't believe she is so big! But now she knows my name and says sentences so she gets cuter and cuter everyday.

Cute little BumbleBee
Working Kevin for girl.
Where should I go!?

On Sunday they had a few friends over for presents and cake. She had her little party and I think she understood it was HER day but who knows? Party Pictures! No Way!!
This bathtub Ariel my mom got her stole the show. She didn't care about anything else for a long, long time. She kept saying, "Her hair is bootiful!"
I got her a unicorn pillow pet and my Dad was trying to show her what it was. To do this he had to take it away from her so he got the stink eye.
Birthday Cake!
Blowing out her candles.
I had to get a face shot. :)


Marcy said...

What a cutie! I can't believe she's that big either! You all must have so much fun with her-she's a lucky girl to have such fun aunts!

Holt Family said...

She is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! What a fun thing to be an Aunt at your age. She is just too cute for words!