Monday, November 1, 2010

Yes, Its an intense pumpkin carving contest :)

No, I did not abandon you yet again my sweet little blog. I was just busy making you a Halloween post! K well last week for family home evening my family did pumpkin carving. To most families pumpkin carving is a harmless little fun family get together. Yes, it is still a fun family get together for us, but it is also a very important INTENSE contest. I have won every year even when I stopped carving with my daddy. Oh, no need to praise me :) just kidding. This year there were two new competitors.... Grandma T and Mr. Brooklynn. Brooklynn wasn't in the contest though because he had to leave before he could finish so he finished the next day. Anyway, we had a great time and always look forward to it!

Brooklynn's pumpkin
Grandma's Ghost

Alli's volleyball (VSIS stands for Volleyball sisters in spandex. Its a very big deal (: )

My Hello Kitty (SECOND PLACE BABY!!!)

Dad's pumpkin

Katy's american flag that got first place (But only one point in front of me! Jk I'm not that stuck up)

Mr. Pumpkin

Its a traditional picture. Only a Tatom could fully understand :)

Katy and Dad

Yet another Traditional pic. Its called Revenge :P


My Hello Kitty Stencil

Katy the Lady

Signature pose...... Thumbs up!


Marcy said...

Awesome pumpkins! Who is Brooklynn?

Meghan T. said...

Katy's boyfriend. haha he was in an earlier post where I did a birthday post for him but I never mentioned that he was her boyfriend. :P

Holt Family said...

Very fun. I understand the intensity of pumpkin carving. Ben and I are very serious about our pumpkin carving as well. Glad to see you had fun and 2nd place is nothing to frown about. I loved "grandma's" ghost too. Very cute!