Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For some reason in these past couple weeks I have been getting this really nervous feeling. Like the butterflies right before you perform a song in front of hundreds of people. I am maybe just dreading moving to Salt Lake which will probably happen but we aren't sure again. No matter how hard I cry my mom and Dad won't budge. I think this nervous feeling is about 75% of my feelings right now.

I am also 25% excited. I think this is just because my birthday is in 12 DAYS!!!!
So that could have a little to do with excitement. NBD. :)


Jared Wangsgard - REALTOR said...

Salt Lake City is grea! You'll like it here :)

Holt Family said...

Wait? Your family is moving to Salt Lake City? When did this happen and when is this happening? Moving can be hard. My kids didn't want to move and had a hard time but now they LOVE IT here and are doing so much better then they did in Elk Grove. Change can be good!